About Us

Innovation is something many companies dream about, and something many companies talk about. At Shadow, we believe that innovation is something a company must believe in. Innovation is something that happens not by chance, but by people who truly know their product. For this reason, Shadow Trailers are designed by horse people for horse people.

We understand what you want in a trailer, why you want it and how you are going to use it, because we are experienced.  By truly understanding how Horse Trailers are used and the utmost importance of safety, convenience, durability and affordability-Shadow Trailer is America's Choice!

Easy Glide Slide Out Living Quarter - Shadow’s “Easy Glide” Slide Out option adds much more living space, is lightweight, and keeps having a slide out affordable!  Introduced in late 2006, the Shadow Living Quarter Horse Trailer "Easy Glide" Slide Out continues to be a widely popular feature.  

Sliding Mid Tack - To add storage space without adding a costly traditional Mid-Tack, we proudly introduce the “Sliding Mid-Tack” The “Sliding Mid-Tack" simply "slides out" to allow you comfortable availability in reaching all your tack equipment and supplies without climbing into the trailer. The 24 inch wide slide can conveniently hold over 900 lbs. of  gear.

Extra Large Rear Tack - Shadow's solution to extra storage space. This option is available in both the 7 ft wide and 8 ft wide trailers. With this option, you now have choices when traveling! You can either open the collapsible tack wall and work the show out of your trailer, OR you can remove the saddle racks from the trailer, place them into the tack stall and mount your saddle racks on the poles.... both options come with this package!


Drop Down Bus Windows - Ventilation in the horse area is very important, which is why Shadow Trailer offers standard in all of our 7' and 8' wide trailers, extra large 19" x 53" slider windows on the curb side. These, combined with the large drop down windows on the street side give your horses abundant ventilation. However, should you desire even more airflow through the horse area, you can upgrade your trailer with the new tail side "DROP" windows. In