How it Started

     The man that started it all! Larry Ray Pruitt was born in Indianapolis, Indiana on October 13th, 1952 to his parents Robert and Marita. He once said that when he rode his first pony he realized he was attached to the horse and that he spent his life chasing horses. As a child he loved bowling but had always had a huge interest in horses which led him later on to be a successful horse trainer and eventually establishing Shadow Trailer in 2002. In retrospect, he was once a Reserve World Champion at the Buckskin World Show and coached many riders to top placings.

     He was a mentor, a leader, a father, and a friend to a lot of people. He cared a lot about the people around him and had always touched the lives of those who came to him. He believed that to whom much is given much is expected.

His daughters remember him as a good and loving father who had always supported them all the way to happiness and success.

     Memories like playing "barn" basketball; going to horse shows; sledding; and teaching them how to ride are only a few of the most wonderful memories that they will remember always. His family always knew him as a ray of sunshine who never failed to make everyone laugh in the room. His employees recalled him as a firm leader with a gentle heart who is always ready to lend a hand.

     Larry loved York peppermint patties; Cherry Diet Coke; strawberry ice cream; the ocean and airplanes. He loved music, art and travelling. Second to training horses he truly loved flying. Becoming a licensed private pilot was a milestone he was truly proud of.

     He will be forever remembered by many people whom he touched their lives and especially by his team over at Shadow Trailer Inc--his legacy.

Shadow Trailers, Inc.